New design

Im working on a design for a new personal site. Whats your opinions on this ?

I also want to make something with the boring background, anybody having an idea what would look good ?

Site design

Thanks !

Site is simple… though maybe too simple.:-\

Might think about playing with some more colour, everthing looks pretty flat at the moment. Layout could work, just need the positioning of your elements to be thought out. Where is your logo? and company name?

I like a lot your siple site, i liek a lot gray.

your site need more vibrant colors. Thats what attracts users and of course when you finish it or whateva place some transitions …

well i think its great, but it does need some color. i wouldnt necessarily change any of the things in that pic, but i would add some colorful graphics (ie logo) but i think its a great start.