New design

Hey Kirupians!!!

Sorry Kirupa I had to use a different username, I just couldn’t log in!!!

I’m kinda playing with ideas with this project and wanted to submit it. I have it posted in Billy Bussey’s forum and Billy and the boys over there pretty much digged it. Just wanted to share it with you Kirupians…

Hope you guys like it!! Oh please don’t mind the preloader I’m working on it as we speak. And some of you may not like the “navigation” but I think I’m going to keep it for now.

Here’s the URL:

  • Marc AKA: Atomic_Punk

Dizzamn (I had to edit it cause the forum won’t let me say the real thing), I think you got some really nice transitions and I like the layout with the color schemes and the random animations! What is the name that you couldn’t log on with? Well I liked the site and it should be site of the week (again) and if you ever need an extra desktop publisher or scripter you know who to call…ummmm I mean message. Well good job and good luck in the future and cya around the forum!

Hey Dan, a reply coming from you is a major compliment!! Is devianart your site? If it is, I just registered in your site also!! You got some amazing stuff!!! SERIOUS!!! Thanks for that SOTW plug also…lol!!!

Thanks man, Atomic_Punk

That layout is tight! I like the use of space on the page, very well executed. It took me a while to figure out how to navigate though.

Nice change of pace from the norm, good job!


Very nice site, man. And I like the navigation too -I’m not saying this to make it up for last time by the way… :slight_smile:

One thing though : for some reason, the animations are running a bit slow on my computer. Does this happen to anyone else ?

pom :asian:

i noticed some hesitation, i figured it was my system, (had a lot of apps running). Some of the animations look like they could be processor intensive…

Hehe… you really like using the guy with the beanie and sunglasses on your designs don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here’s my impression. Overall, it looks really well designed. It’s got a lot of graphical elements but enough white space to balance it out and give the eyes a little break. The sections also bear a consistency with the general environment of the site while being unique enough from one another.

I’m in agreement with chemical - the navigation is less impressive. It is nicely animated, but it so tiny that one can easily miss it. You may want to make them more prominent. They also seem to be dodging my mouse when I try to click on them. The navigation is also mystery meat. But if this is a personal site, disregard these comments on navigation. I’m not sure whether or not it’s a personal site because I couldn’t read the text. You may want to kick it up a notch.

Oh, and it’s running choppy for me too. Initially, I thought it might have been my processor but others seem to have the same problem.

Lastly, you may want to put something on the page from which the pop-up was spawned. Right now I see nothing - I usually browse with pop-ups disabled so I easily missed your site the first time. Place something there along the lines of “If you didn’t see a pop-up click here” or “Enabled pop-ups and javascript required.”

You have some pretty unique designs and animations. I like your older layout more, but keep up the good job.

Thanks for the response guys!! Hey Pix, yeah that dude is me…lol!!! And that nav!!!..yeah working on it…but for now I kinda like it…gotta reboot my brain for more creativness.

Once again…thanks Kirupians!!!

Ive jsut started to use flash and ur site is one of my inspiration.
I dont have any problmes with the navigation it is the thing that makes it unique ne?

Hey Pinoy…

I’m pinoy also but I don’t speak or write it. My family’s from Hawaii but my grandfather was from the Phillipines. I just signed your guestbook but got a “website not responding” prompt. Your flash skills looks pretty advanced…keep it up, it’s coming along great!!

Thanks for the compliments!!

Hey atomic punk! ur pinoy? hey that kewl. thanks for signing the guestbook. Hey can u give some pointers like where I should upload my site so that errros won’t occur? it should be free though :). A free host with supports php3 and cgi and other stuff like that. Im currently making the next version of the site.

Hey ur site is way better than mine. Hey I herad the linkin park music. No copyright violation? did u asked for a permission to use the music? Thnanks man! Salamat! Maututu ka rin magtagalog.
(that means: Thanks, Im sure ull learn tagalog!)


Honestly, I have no idea what “free” host provider supports php, perl or cgi. Usually free host providers don’t offer much. Oh, yeah, I’m in the works of creating my own music for my site, I just thought that song worked well with the design. I actually posted the site on the linkinpark forum and had no concerns regarding me using their music.

Aloha - Atomic_Punk

yeah the linkin park music goes well with ur site.

Thanks! :ninja:


Did you draw that BG pic on your site? Nice anime work wish could be more.

I just edited my navigation. The only thing I did to it was have the rollover happend sooner that way some of you won’t get confused.

Anymore advice, compaints or praises?:stuck_out_tongue: Hey Kirups…any advice?