Site of the Week!

Hey everyone :slight_smile: Here is this week’s poll.

Kirups, can we remove findal from the list? It’s not a valid entry, is it?

Ah you are right - it is not 50% Flash :slight_smile: I did try to make sure that the people who submitted were the designers though (pats myself on back)!

haha no worries. How do you tell if the submitters are site owners?

Their e-mail addresses usually match their domain. Only iloveitaly had a different address, but he/she mentioned that it was his/her site :slight_smile:

be around tomorrow to give me critics… busy at the moment.


No problem soulty - critiques are optional, so if you are busy, don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yamill: neat site. sound on button are annoying though(but thats being picky) also would be better if you had music to start at 50 percent. Would of liked more things to change when i selected sections, does seems to get a little boring after a while.

**peteyro: **cool site, things are a little large though, for instance the type in service i believe dosent need to be that large. Content is clear but like i said type too large. Navigation is smart but mouse over looks a tad cheap, would be better if the mouse over was quicker and if the cover would center up with the section name.

**iloveitaly: **there are some really cool animation and concepts here but sadly hey are cheaply executed. Also I always believe a navigation system should be in view, i really dislike the go back to nav kinda sites.

**seanmee: **interesting colour scheme, kinda afternoon haze style, i like it. animation with-in the site is fresh and keeps the site “alive”, while not taking too much time. My only rant(only a small one)is that while in portfolio, you have to select a item then when finished it close it then go back and select another one, why didnt you use the bottom window for those images? its not too much of a hassle i guess, anyways, great job.

**3d nirvana: **i see you have changed your background, looks better, ties much better with the site, sound on the buttons are better as well, but and this is a BIG **“BUT” **why have you left the navigation the same? it still hides away when you select something and the animation error still occurs when you go back to the main after selecting a section (the site seems to flash on and off)

[size=1]// oh my!.. big error dude… when you select a section the mouse overs are still available when they are hidden//[/size]

keep working on it dude… hope these comments dont discourage you… we are only here to help, not make you give up. :slight_smile:

**matigol: **although i dislike popups, this site is really cool, fresh concepts/animations and nice illustrative navigation. really like the play with typography and paragraphs that are off center, all looks messy yet clear and clean… colors are unique but i assume that was based on the logo or coporate colours… nice work.

**johngo: **wow, i wish you had used some sound effects. the animation is great, content and look to the site is great, seems you have a little pixelation in the menu system as a result of flash and you using a serif font. Great content your work is amazing… if you can add some simple sound effects and fix the font issue then this will be even better. nice job.

**sl25: **My first impressions of this site was "woah there is a whole lot of pink in here, lol… it works though, but i wonder if it would be easier on the eyes if you had a grey or some other colour for the type. in any case, site design is nice and so is the animation within in. nice job.

**shaolin: **splash page needs some work, but the preloader was pretty nice and so was the intro to the site, great stuff. very original concept through-out the site, which keeps it fun to go through, nice work.

yamill: Very nice layout and colour scheme, though very CPU intensive. I also noticed that you seem to have forgotten to embed the font outlines here and there, because I see the default Times New Roman, for example in
the rollovers of the 3D thingies in the portfolio section. It’s also possible to load the same section you’re already in and things like that, so you’re gonna have to take a second look at the transitions coding.

**peteyro**: Not bad, but there can be more from this concept. The way it is now it looks kinda empty, especially the header. You need to spice it up a little, add some interface elements here and there, some more animation
perhaps too. It would look much better with some more things to it.

**iloveitaly**: Some of the effects are very nice such as the white coming over the blue like goo at the beginning, but that box absolutely doesn't fit it. Neither does the font fit the site. It's too big. Try using some more 
textured boxes, add some stuff to it, perhaps some leaf curling around the edges and things like that.

**seanmee**: A very nice site, though again very CPU intensive. Drops the framerate and reduces the viewing pleasure (at least on my crappy pc). Very nice rollovers too. It has happened several times to me that the hit states for the buttons were out of place, like suddenly 150px higher. Not only has this happened to the main buttons, but also the buttons in for example the portfolio. Impressive portfolio by the way !

**3D Nirvana**: Framerate is way too low. The site is a bit too simple too imo. It restarts after pressing the Home button by the way. Needs more variation too. The only effect I've seen was a simple fadein/fadeout. I don't think this is SOTW material.

**matigol**: I love the cartoon-like imagery on this site, very cool ! Cool transitions as well, and a nice colour scheme. The concept is quite original too. Congrats on a job well done !

**johngo**: The dark feel to this site is awesome ! Great interface and grunge effects, it all fits together perfectly ! I have a feeling you forgot to embed some of the fonts though, on the menu I think. I see Times New Roman, but in fact it looks very good, I wouldn't change it. That's why I'm wondering why you used a different font for the content. I'd stick with Times New Roman for this, it fits the dark theme perfectly imho. Music is great too !

**sl25**: Very nice and smooth interface, with some soft grey to it. Transitions could have been better though, the section just spawns away instead of smoothly fades out of view, or whatever you would choose as an outro 
transition. Some music wouldn't hurt here.

**shaolin**: The splash page doesn't look very good. Very original concept here, and greatly accomplished. I love the random thingies that happen when you rollover or click on certain items, cool dat. The animations are very nice too. Well done !

it was real hard choice this week. But I gave my vote to shaolin…unique and I liked it.

ah! Then I’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

I just voted for shaolin because of originality and the quality of it :slight_smile: really nice work :slight_smile:

Bah, I should have voted before :-/ My vote went to Shaolin as well. Some other sites were nice, but this one really stands out :slight_smile:

yamill: uninteresting and a bizarre mix of clean / messy design (overlapping stuff), took too long to find this tiny “enter” button!
peteyro: —
iloveitaly: too bad, started out nice, looked good initialy, but then…too much text, disappearing menu that needs an extra click to come back… with a bit more work, would be great.
seanmee: nice fx, no error checking on (empty) contact form, opens on “about” but the item is still clickable and nothing happens, too much of a textblock with tiny chars to make anyone want to read it, nice portfolio (close button just a tad too small), nice buttons, nice audio player, useless link section… not bad. question: why does it reload stuff even on 2nd/3rd… visit…?
3d nirv’: sorry, no
matigol: darn, i liked this site a lot…untill i had to wait for the “home” animation to finish for the 3rd time!! please, folks, add a “home intro seen” shared object to this and cookie me!! what we offer: this is flash, you do have nice vector grafix there, so at least use flash to show a quick rollover pic’ for each of your menu items! same for the “menu”: give your guests something to keep them coming back: add a “print this drink” button to each!! nice but not 100%
johngo: i like! only things i’d change is, if you provide a phone number, at least add the country… i’d be calling from France to…where? and make that “enter” button big(ger)
sl25: useless spalsh page, no indication on where to click to enter, interesting colors, something different! disable menu item for active section!!! very anoying button sound!
nice guestbook, why the pop-up? use it in your main app!
shaolin: ok, the loading anim is original, but how long will it take? as i’m writing this, i’m still waiting…and waiting (on cable!) and waiting… and it kept hanging at 10km! so i closed the broadband and went for “short band” … and voted for ya. fun, easy nav, original ideas, good. and broadband worked on 2nd attempt…

(well, too bad then that seeing the results, it only gets 4 votes and sean 6, maybe next time…)

I experienced it hung on 80-something km… I just refreshed, took broadband again, and it worked perfectly… :slight_smile:

Added your crits eyez. This is actually last week’s SOTW and the home page has already been updated :slight_smile:

oups… :smiley: