New FF

Anybody else pick up FireFox 2 today?

Where have you been its been in the tech forum for ever… we all downloaded it the min it came out.

Any visible improvements worth the upgrade ?

I am the I’m-still-using-winamp-2.x type of guy. =)

New tabs are beautiful… some new icons too. They’re sorta glassy… :thumb:

i like it
speacially coss it takes the configuration from my old firefox
ill have to wait for the new versions of skins and plugins
and the idea of recover lost tabs is great

Yeah, I’m addicted to it… I’ve been doing that in Omniweb forever. :slight_smile:

I’ve been at work :wink:

Yea, the new interface is slic(pun :))…i really dont think i would even want a skin with this new one.

Is it just me or does it seem faster?