Firefox 2.0 Official Release

Firefox 2.0 has officially been released, with ever so slight changes to the site, also:

Apparently, the IE team sent them a cake ( :smiley:


haha @ “no it was not poisoned”

Woho? When are they going to make me update?

The ‘ever so slight changes’ to the page look nice. :slight_smile:

Best. Home. Icon. EVAR! Wait, the word “EVAR” is dotted and underlined red, is this a vB feature or a FF spell-check?

*edit: nope, this is in other forums too!


[QUOTE=Krilnon;1984835]The ‘ever so slight changes’ to the page look nice. :)[/QUOTE]

Agreed, but there seems to be some awkward padding on the bottom of the download button… looks like there should be another line of text.

lol, i thought it was just a faked release:)
will my old themes work with this?

I just got version 2 this morning.
The home icon is the first thing i noticed. Cool.
The spell checker on Message Boxes are quite useful.
I just don’t like that they removed the close button on the rightmost side of the tabs bar. I got used to closing tabs from there. Now, i have to close it from the tab itself. I’ll get used to it.

it’s really slowed down my internet speeds. :frowning:

dumb questions: the skins and plugings that i have installed on my actual version ( works with the v2? or i have to wait for the author to update it?

downloaded, and it works pretty well. great features too. i noticed you cpuld rearrange tabs:)
themes won’t work sadly:(

Im gonna get this later on today. Hopefully it work better. I have finally given up in Opera and rerturned to FF

yea I have my current FF decked out with a few plugins and want to make sure they all work before I get 2.0 on here. anyone?



the default GUI: not much of a differnce but doesnt matter cause of themes
the power: Pages for me load faster by a significant amount of time, I can notice it on this machine as this one has a slow internet but this actually runs way faster than IE,
themes: Well my old theme works on this one, the Noia 2.0 Extreme.
add-ons not tried any, I never ever use them

[QUOTE=hybrid101;1985017]i noticed you cpuld rearrange tabs[/QUOTE]lol not a new feature

I don’t think FF 1.5 had the tab-rearranging feature, it came with the Tabbrowser extension. Anyway, the biggest (I mean the BIGGEST) improvement for me is the memory usage. 2.0 does not hog my memory anymore. While 1.5 was going up to 200 MB at times, this one uses only 80 MB. And also all of my extensions worked fine.

Really? Thats weird, I always dragged my tabs around :h:.

My bad - that feature did come with one of the latest updates before 2.0.