New Idea For My Web Design Busines... Wacha think?

Since the only business I’ve gotten is from my dad and uncle, I’m thinking of designing free websites for people, no catch or anything, and making my money through selling ads. I read an article on dynamic drive that says he makes lots of $$ through his ads, so what do you think? As it is, im not charging very much, 250 and 200.

Start with a personal portfolio, then search around and you’ll find clients. After you’ve got a few clients work done, they’ll come to you just like that. Ads may be good if you join their program, but their catch is for you to put their ads up, which would be a downside to your site.

well, to get people to pay you for posting an add on a website, you must get a lot of traffic, and be able to prove it. i would suggest starting out doing cheap or free sites, and then building your personal portfolio.

To get a lot of traffic you will need to provide a resource that a lot of people need, hence a tutorial site like kirupa and flashkit or script database like dynamic drive. You won’t hit that much traffic with a personal portfolio unless you are 2advanced.

but if ur giving away free custom designed websites, wouldn’t a lot of people come?

Depends on how good the custom websites are. . . .

lol, you got me there…