New Job?.....Police Officer?

Well, its been 6 months since i’ve graduated, and i still haven’t found a decent job. I have an aa in comp programming, plus im into 3d and web design. Well a few weeks ago i had my first car accident. A few days later, i was driving down the street and all of a sudden my cv joint comes out of my transmission( basically my wheel came off my car). Fortunately, i wasn’t on the i-10 or a busy street. But than a cop came and parked behind my car and waited for the tow truck with me. After i told him what happened, he started asking me about what school i went to and where im working. I told him i haven’t found a job yet and he asked me if i ever thought about becoming a police officer. I told him no because, first of all, i stay in new orleans, wheres there is crime 24/7. Second of all, i didn’t think they made that much money. But i found out a few days ago that in new orleans, police officers make more than comp programmers:puzzle: . He said i can start off making $31,000 a year. And thats not bad for a 22 year old staying in new orleans. Of course i wont be one for long cuz i will continue to work on establishing my company JTJ Studios. But i guess if the job is easy enough with great benefits, i might just let me girlfriend run my business while im out patrolling the streets:) .