All your salaries

Ah I was just pondering upon which career path I might take for the future and would like to accept any suggestions. But I’d also like to know the average salary for all of you guys. Programmer get any good cash?

Well… I’ve just truned prof programmer… after just working on some stuff… for manny years…

I just got hired by a firm… 3 weeks now… All I do Is programm simple AI bots that update the site and more simple stuff… lil bit PHP skripting…

Havn’t had my paycheck jet… But I’m sure to get atleast 4000 euro’s wich is allot for a 17 years old… with only a basic education.

Oh yea that’s a lot for a 17 year old!

But I’m worth every euro :wink:

here’s a really good article about the expected future trend of IT careers,

[the best thinkers out there agree that an all around education (incl. a working knowledge of programing and design) with major emphisis on network systems management is the best assurance to employment.]

4000 € for a month? :crazy:

I’m on £15k…about 22.5k euro’s…first job outta uni at 20

A year? A month?

This sounds more like a salary you’d get for a year.
But it really depends on where you live as well. In France, an engineer would not get the same amount of money if he works in Paris or somewhere else.

okay… maybe 4G was a bit over :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m on… 2025 now :slight_smile:

my figure was per year

My dad is a prof. programmer too, and he makes OVER 4000 euros a month.


about 4300, almost 4400 euros a month :slight_smile:

(he’s out shopping for a new car too :stuck_out_tongue: He just got the job)

and for all you non-danes, remember we pay almost 50%tax over here…

I pay 65% :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah those salaries sound alright, but a Euro converted to the Australian Dollar would be?
And also, ALL users in the forums are basically programmers? That’s hard to believe… then again perhaps not. In any case thanks for the information!

I’m a programmer, but it’s not the particular career I’m looking forward to. I guess my ultimate goal for a career is to be an engineer of some sort (I plan on doubling as a computer and electrical). Here in the US, average (annual) salary is about $55,000.

I feel I’m a bit more proficient as a programmer, but the money just isn’t there. Eventually, some other language is going to come around that you’re gonna have to learn, and if you don’t, you burn out and land a teaching job. Think of how Java is slowly taking over everything.

And also, ALL users in the forums are basically programmers?

I was under the impression that most people here were designers like myself, but I might have been wrong.
I only have the programming skills and knowledge needed to make my homepages run properly, so to speak. When some problem pops up that I can’t solve with the knowledge I have I look up the stuff I need.
/end threadjack

I can’t really talk about the whole celery, er salary think, I’m still a student and only design stuff now and then to make some extra green, yaknowwhatI’msaying?

I make 1000 american Dollars a month. I think its a good pay for a 16 yr old IT worker

My job as an international playboy/wolf pays $1,000,000 a month … plus company yacht and private jet … money for nothing … and chicks for free.
[… tom wakes up …]

Still searching for a career path for myself, I’m 15 and about to undertake VCE. Not a single idea as I have few ambitions that would be accepted in the real world.
PS** lol and I won’t be accepting invitations to the Matrix.

I get around €2000 for each site I make, depending on what technologies I put into it and how much time I spend. I charge roughly €30 / hour, but I I’m gonna raise that to €50.