New logo

this logo took me like 2 mins to make and its kinda crappy but hey its good… but not really… comment

looks pretty cool xxviii!

kinda looks a bit messy though… i think u should make it a bit simpler :cowboy:


I would think about how this will look when reduced in size. might be a bit busy for that.

Also, if you are going to use Roman Numerals for the Company Name, then you should probably stay with serif fonts as well.

The use of color is nice, but remember that each color will cost money when going to be printed, and will react differently to each background you end up putting behind it.

Try to think of everywhere you will use this logo, and that it could be with you for a very long time, so the logo has to broadcast your “image” over a wide range of media…



hmm…its not all that simple like a logo should be…it looks nice for an image though, but i dont think a logo.

wow… better responses than i thought i would get… i guess that would look pretty bad reduced… and as for the costing money to print stuff and everything… im a 16 year old kid that cant even make a website… im not too worried about makin 28 merchandise… but that would be fun… and i like the font… the point was kind of to bring old styles of thinking (roman numerals) with modern stuff… (spiffy fonts) so maybe it didnt work… but once again i only spent a few minutes on it… but ill start working on something more practical

I like the start…

What if you made those last “I’s” into little simple men like the ones on bathroom doors…

I don’t know, play around with the shapes, that’s what they always told me in kindergarden.


hey thats a good idea for the little guys… i like that a lot actually… ill have to try that after i get back from work… ill make one of them peeing there pants or something… ok maybe not… but if someone can think of some slight variation that isnt too noticeable i could do to like one of them that would be cool… i should be able to work on that tonight… thanks a lot

ok so heres a basic idea for a header type… i guess it wont be a logo but maybe… ill probably use the blue guy as a logo… not entirely sure… tell me what you think

I like it, but then the bodies make the XXV stand out as overly “decorated”…so make those as simple as the bathroom men if you’re gonna go that route…

but I like the men :stuck_out_tongue:

ok well i want still want to use a font that is slightly out of the ordinary… so if you have a suggestion for one ill give it a try… dont worry, i probably have the font… i kinda go crazy downloading fonts… thanks for the imput peoples

lol it looks like the blue guy has just been decapitated… is that ok?

yeah the blue guy is supposed to be headless… not really decapitated… just headless… lets call it a birth defect

Lol…I had the same birth defect…I got better:trout: