New model: Nissan 350Z

Hey everyone

So, whadaya’ll think of my latest model/render?

Thanks. C:-)

What the? That’s awesome mate! Incredible! :thumb:

I love the reflections :!:

Wish I could do that :frowning:


gave you a +fav at deviantart!!

:krazy: Man thats wonderful, geez how do you start with one if these renders? Do you actually have an image of the 350z and then somehow use it for the modelling? I dont know how you got every detail so good like the actual decal of the nissan on the front bumper. :stunned: Maybe add a tutorial of your own here (-:
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nice work ya3! :beam:

like you said modelling wasn’t over complicated but thought i would mentioned a few things, door handle looks a little boxy, the roof looks a little pixelated, interior looks a little pixelated (the steering wheel) and the lights look a little boxy around in the inner curve.

other than that top job, render looks great and hdr really works for you here. (I just love hdr rendering:love: .)

wheel texture and rims look sweet :wink:


MINIMALISTIK - one word: ‘blueprints’! :stuck_out_tongue:

.soulty - i know what you mean. the geometry does have this ‘banged-up’, unsmooth feel to it :frowning: getting perfect curves can be tricky… the intense reflections also make some illusions of unevenness. the aliasing you noticed was mostly from the ‘sharpen’ filter i applied to it in PS. and yah, HDR R0X0RZ!!! :smiley:

MAN, respect has been dished out in mass dosages right here !!!

that is a sweet looking nissan.!!!

i wanna see more !!!


hey is that from the 3d total tutorial? If so you did it better than the tut! goof job man. And nice render. That is one thing I have never modelled is a car. I have been thinking about doing one for a demo reel. You just gave me a lil more inspiration to do so.

forgot to ask what program did you do it in? And you know you got to post a wireframe of it.

i swear you could have convinced me that this was a real car! Youve heard it 1000 times by now, but WOWWEE ZOWEE THATS AMAZING FANTASTIC WONDERFUL JAW DROPPING PERFECTION ETC ETC!

ncie work there ya3, was it spline modelled?

DDD check out the other cars he has modelled in his deviant art gallery… cool stuff and by the thumbnails looks like he uses Cinema.

I have to say I´m very impressed by your work, amazing job, love the reflections :thumb:

thanks soulty, maybe he is the one that made the tut…lol…I think I am going to start a car this weekend,…for sure. I have been really wanting to do it.

yeah why not! hehe… i havent modelled a car yet, actually i havent modelled much of anything :lol:

:: lately anyway

I’ve tried modelling a car a few times, and failed miserably! :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering this guy is a ripper, and he hasn’t been banned yet, I wouldn’t believe that he modeled this car.


that is very nice!

Do you have any basis for this comment or is this sarcasm?

Zao - do you have any proof at all that he is a ripper and ripped this car specifically?

Ya3 - What program did you use to model this? What renderer? What modeller? Nurbs? Quads? Splines?

I always wanted to model a car so some reference from you might really help =).