New Site - finally finished!


After about six months of learning and hard woirk, I’ve finally got my company’s site online and just about finished! Still a couple of ‘under construction’ pages, but everything else is just about there!

I’d welcome any comments on it.


p.s. Thanks for your help on various things throughout it - this is the best forum I’ve found on the web!

Got URL?

Sometimes I amaze myself with my stupidity…

Soooorry, but i use a pop-up blocker, and never got in, that’s why i hate new windows for site content :wink:

Nice, Olli. The 2 things I didn’t like though are :
In the intro, it goes a little bit slow, and you should put some music, because that zzzz sound is really ugly by itself
There’s no transition between the parts.

But it’s really nice.

pom 0]