New site Design

The design I had just wasn’t working so I started from scratch. This is what I came up with it only took about 15 hours so far. The splash page is crap and the sound isn’t in yet but the rest of it works. please tell me what you think. Even just reply with a happy or sad face. Thanks

To be completely honest, I like this version much better.

It is much easier and clearer to see and the colors don’t all blend. I like this version a lot. Especially the smooth transitions between sections and such.

And I noticed my site in the links section. Thank you!!=) =) =)

One tip though, you might want to have those links open up in new windows, currently they open in the same window as your site, taking the viewer away from your site.

Job well done, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks man.:slight_smile: I didn’t notice those links weren’t blanks. I’ll try to fix those soon.

Ya I relized that the old design just wasn’t working so figured why finish it. I put what I had done in the portfolio ection though so it was at least a learnig experince.

Hey no problem. I am glad you found something that worked out for you :slight_smile:

I made some more changes. Added some drop shadows and made a better splashpage. The link to Macromedia is temporary.