My first flash site!

hey kirupa guys again!

i finally got my full flash site up after weeks of work ( suspended by high school of course).

i would like you to tell me how you like it and waht to improve on

the url is here:

my site

thanks for the input in advance!

Cannot get it to load…?

hey dude,

i’ve had other people try it too, and this has also happened to them: it has gotten stuck on the 49% preloader.

they went back later and said it worked, so you might wann atry back later


  1. the green was hard to look at on a grey bg but if that is your clan clolors or something i guess thats what you have to work with.

2)Don’t have the word"Welcome" blink like that. It is hard on the eyes and looks bad.

3)Over all the site lacks a profesional look but this is you first full flash site and nobody is a pro right away.

It was a ncie start for a first time. The color was blah but you had some nice diesign elemnts there which show you are on the right track to learning great design.

hey guys,

first of all to sure shot: heres a new link if ur still having trouble:

other than that, thanks for the input

yes, i am new to flash and dont have much time to work on it, but this is the best i can do right now.

those are are clan colors, but i fixed the blinking for you.

if you know of any other goof flash tutorial places that can teach cool special effects or something to make my site look more professional thatd be great


This is one of the best places i have found for tutorials. Umm actualy i don’t think i’ve done a tutorial form any other place. I’ve done about 3/4 of the tuts on this site and they are some of the best you will find on the net.

even though i use a pop-up for my www too, i know that many people don’t like when the page opens in a new browser window. i respect the fact that it is ur first complete flash www and considering this fact, i think it’s not bad but u still have a long way to go… what bothered me most was your green font. it hurt my eyes so i better closed it right away. as for your buttons, you can see that their position changes by 1 or 2 pixels during the different stages. also, your color scheme reminds me too much of aliens and space (hehe… don’t ask me why…) since there is a lot of green and black…
But all this is my opinion and i don’t mean it in a bad way; i’m just trying to help you.
good luck

As for the first flash site, it`s not bad…

once again,

i get good reponses and suggestions for my site,
thanks a bunch

ill take all of ur suggestions into consideration, and i look for more suggestions to come :sure:

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There is a line between ignorant comments and constructive criticism and suggestions.

Hey Mike,
Yeah, please show some consideration for members such as Guito who come here to get opinions on their site. Guito did show me the URL to a previous comment you made, and I think your comment was inappropriate and simply not necessary.

Kirupa :ub:

sorry guys, i know this has nothing to do with Mike’s stupid message, but since i actually see Kirupa himself :slight_smile: posting a message (and that’s the first time i actually do), just wanted to say hi and thanx for establishing such a great flash community… hehe
good luck people…

thank you all for sticking up for me, this community is great…

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sure mike, it’s fine.

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I personally prefer term “Online Community” :wink:

nice site, one thing that’d make it 10x better, would be if it wasn’t in that tiny pop-up window :slight_smile: