New to flash, what books and resources are good to get a introduction(web design)

I’m a web developer and I can pick up on most things really easily. I have a good background in html/css coding to the newest standards, and I can easily get through most php/mysql configurations and asp. So basically I can get around the web design world pretty well. I’d like to start taking my designs and making them into flash sites, but I dont know where to start. My local community college doesn’t offer any classes to appeal to flash and there’s no courses I know of in the NJ shore area(if there is, please advice me, or, if anyone in the area would like to help, please advice). My first route to learning any language is reading, the thing is, I’m blind to flash completely. I use CS4 and i’d like to know some good ebooks I can buy to get me started into learning flash coding for web designing. In the mean time, would anyone be able to help me with my current project. I’m creating a basic 1 page flash animation site, with the logo fading into the center and navigational buttons popping in one at a time, then the company name typewrittering in below. Not to complex, I just dont understand how to transaction between my motion tweens of the initial animation and the nav part and the rest. I put in my stop, and it stops the entire thing after the logo