New webpage wip comments or any hints?

ive been making sort of a ‘design’ or ‘portfolio’ webpage so i can make some money off of the poeple at my school doing sub-par work for them and i ended up with here .

any hints/suggestions/whatever would be much appreciated from u gurus. it’s not totally complete yet (i dunno if it will ever be…), but yea criticism = always good.

Not bad at all…
Some will probably tell you that you need more color…
Personally, I like the color choice and the site. Easy navigation, and the artwork isn’t
bad either. I DID observe the following…
>The navigation could be bigger, spaced apart, or both
Maybe some rollover effects too.
I view at 1024 x 768 and the navigation seems “confusing”
too close together or something.
>I noticed that you don’t have links up for your web design (but you prolly know that)

Good work


pretty cool… a bit… colourless… but cool :slight_smile:
I did really like the portfolio page though!

This is similar to the flash version you posted and I think using html is more suitable for this layout. You’ve chosen to go with html on this one so that is good. The only thing it really needs is a bit more color or graphics enhancements.

looks pretty good, but i noticed a couple things

  1. maybe you should make your navigation fancier or something…it looks kind of weird to have a big space to the left for the navigation and then this little 8pt times new roman font. at least add a rollover effect.

  2. the background image gets hidden when you start resizing the window, b/c it’s absolute but the table on the page is relative…it’s not a big deal, but it looks funny in 800x600 to see the top of something sticking up.

  3. maybe add just one small thing with a bright color…sometimes this can be very effective.

overall though, this is a great site. good work man.


WOW that’s a really nice design

[] I like the light design
] I like the art worked banner
[] I like the minimal txt
] I don’t like that every page looks the same
[*] It’s all white and black. [color=red]I need some more color’s[/color]

3 pro’s + 2 con’s = [size=6]6[/size]

thnks for all the comments all. its still a wip so im hoping to get much more done heh.

im planning to have that menu redone sometimes soon, but school’s pretty bad (finals etc)

and yea that flash thing was pretty static like the HTML, so im switching over heh.

and i would realy add some more color, but i suck with color (be it in real life draw/paintings or in digital art) :[ perhaps any suggestions in the color field in here, in addition to the current ones? :stuck_out_tongue: