New X-Men site

it takes two days to load… but uh yea… friggin sick!

Thats is so sick like you said.

Takes like 20seconds to load a tad long but well worth it!

i think the site could be a lil better, But I like it alot. And I am highly anticipating this movie. I like the nav. The finally got some more mutants in there. I have loved XMEN since I was was a wee lad.

hmmm doesn’t look any different now from 2mths ago… still neato thou

it’s nice to see they didn’t incorperate any flash version detection and with flash player 7 half the stuff is not visible…:slight_smile:

the load time killed me … after the long azz wait it wasn’t worth it, but it’s a fun interactive site with lots of nice effects … nothing we all haven’t seen before but do we get tired of seeing them ?? nah! :wink: :thumb:

kinda looks like they ripped ya3…:lol: minus all the nice effects.

My friend’s buddys (my friend is a movie animator) had a meet up a while ago because they had to go out to finish working on the film. They were the dudes from WETA (Peter Jackson’s film company).

After this they have to finish off Halo! :stuck_out_tongue:

[ot]Haam that footer is disturbing. I like it :thumb:[/ot]

kool site… anybody know who created it?? it has some of the elements of the fantastic 4 site…

@DDD - i agree. i think the keyed out backgrounds of the charactors are wikked cheesy. there are other things the more i look at it as well. but it’s def. slick.

@simplistik - really? someone told me it went up YESTURDAY! :pa:

@Skinny_T - thanks! it’s a still from a video i shot for a band in nyc.

is the Intro using after effects or 3d? sites not bad, the intro seemed better then the site itself.

i’ve been debating with my creative director at work whether it’s after effects or just flash.

there’s nothing literally 3 dimensional in the intro and with flash’s blur effects i’m pretty sure a person could accomplish the same thing with flash. but i imagine it’s much easier to exicute in After Effects…

…your guess is as good as mine.

I looked at this site a couple of months ago and i swear it was different,
I like the intro but i’ve never been a fan of that type of navigation.
The best bits are the sequences and the first preloader