Newbie Button Question

I am trying to control a movie clip symbol within a button.
The movie clip instance is named within the button and starts on the “Over” section.
I want to control it from the button instance - ie. using roll over, roll off etc.
Using dot notation I tried :

on (rollOver) {
    tellTarget ("_root.buttonname.movielcipname") {
        gotoAndStop (2);

I can’t get it to work, what am I doing wrong?

You can’t target a button (Flash5.0) so you can’t create a path to a movie clip inside a button.

Take the movie clip out… place a stop(); action where you want it paused, and then call out to it with the button and dot notation.

and, if you’re actually using Flash MX, then…

on (rollOver) {
_root.buttonname.movielcipname.gotoAndStop (2);