Newbie Here! Don't Attack!

Hello everyone!

I wasn’t sure if this was the place to stick a “Hello, I’m new!” thread, but I hope it is!

I’m a intermediate/beginning flash user, and I stumbled across this forum and thought you all sounded really smart and creative! So I decided to come aboard and see if I can learn from you all!

Sheesh…I don’t even know how to upload my flash signature…what a newbie!

Hope to talk to you all soon!:chinaman:

HA HA HA HA newbie! JK, you should stick around. Most of these kids really know what they’re talking about, just don’t worry about it if you get a big *** picture of spam or a bunch of SEARCH FIRST responses some time in one of your threads.

to Kirupaforums…

for your footer, do a search on the forums for the question, it has probably been asked before…




Hey Im just a Kid at Heart, nothing more.

Ok I play with legos too…

… and i laugh childishly at things…

… Ok im a Kid.

haha, speaking of spam and search comments… enter the REV

Welcome to Kirupaforum!

hey man. yep this is the right pace. welcome. once EG gets here you will get a real welcome. dont worry if you arent all that great at flash or if you have a question, just ask!


Woo hoo! Thanks for the welcome!

I’ve made a couple of things with flash, nothing fancy just my online birthday lists, but I really want to get deeper into it!

See you!

Welcome to the forum newb! lol jk, nice to have you here!

Welcome! :thumb: attacks with a large spear

  • Soul :s:

how to add your flash footer
Add flash footer

nm, see you’ve got it already

why not a spoon soul?

dang…im no longer the new kirupa newbie…

If i wasn’t too lazy to get up I’d…I’d…I’d…ok i probably won’t do anything.


Welcome to the forums. we come in peace. =)


and uh… welcome!

[SIZE=7][COLOR=DD0000]We[/COLOR][COLOR=CC0000]lc[/COLOR][COLOR=BB0000]ome[/COLOR][COLOR=AA0000] To[/COLOR][COLOR=990000] The[/COLOR][COLOR=880000] Fo[/COLOR][COLOR=770000]ru[/COLOR][COLOR=660000]m![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I already welcomed you in the other thread, but I didn’t give you my patented big color faded text welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums emp… attacks emperor with a trout :trout:


*Originally posted by *
**why not a spoon soul? **
The spoon is having a rest :slight_smile:

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there is no spoon…