Nobody told me about this place. I wish they had. I’ve been slumming around in art and design forums for too long now and I’m glad I accidently fell in here. This place has it all! I’m very impressed. Kirupa now has a new fanboy.

Nice sig/footer

Welcome to the forums… and save me the trouble of looking for the link and editing your footer… it needs to be 300x60 maximum and less than 15K for the forums. :slight_smile:

Heres the link to the rules chief:


and welcome to the forums. Enjoy yourself here. :slight_smile:

dang it… it’s 19K. :frowning:
I’ll remove it.

and its too large… 300 is max width 60 is max height. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

He removed it bro :slight_smile: It’s all good!!

Yeah yeah yeah.
Stop hastling me! :smiley:

lol. welcome to the forums, the footer was cool while it lasted. lol

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see the footer, post it for the people that missed it :wink:

lol, I’m just making sure the rules are clear. I don’t want you to take the time to make another footer that doesn’t adhere to the rules… just looking out for ya! :slight_smile:

So what kind of skills do you have?

So tenkai, how did you find this place? Another forum? Google Search? Link off of a site? Friend tell ya?

How long have you been using Flash?

Am I safe to assume that you are interested in the Animating/Design side of Flash and not the Actionscript side? (I assumed because you say you spend a lot of time in design forums).

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

everyone go to his site lol
i love that intro dude!

ok after looking at…his site rocks guys

What kind of skills do I have?
I have a hard time answering that one. Um… I guess just take a look at my portfolio and decide for yourself? :smiley:

I found this place using the Google Search, just looking for some tutorials. I’ve been using Flash for about 3 years now, but only recently has it become life threateningly serious. I’m interested in both aspects of Flash. I have a whole-grain wheat side that requires me to make product tutorials and mockups for IBM and a frosted side that allows me to do freelance motion graphics work. I mainly visit design forums as I currently admin at one, so I have to check up on the competition. :wink: But seriously, I see al the same people at all of them so it is very nice to see some fresh faces.

Thanks prstudio!

haha love the arrow and the finger cursor bit :beam:

HAHAHA YOUR INTRO ROCKS!!! Probably the best thing i’ve seen all day!

Wow Flashing for 3 years now eh? Makes me feel like a “n00b” (which I am not, but still).