Newbie in need of help!

i know i probably sound like a goof to you guys but i’m having trouble starting flash.
my first problem is my file size. it’s a whopping 7 megs! how do i reduce the size? i tried changing theproperties for the jpegs to gifs but then it went upto 13 megs.
another problem is sometimes my swf file sync with the music, sometimes it lags. is there a solution to this?
ooooh oooh and lastly when i change the size of the movie it doesn’t fit into it… i mean y’know when you change it under the propertes bar, it gets smaller but it’ll only show the top left of the movie, and it won’t fit into the new size…

oh geez i’m so terrible. if someone helps me, i’m gonna start dancing in my room :slight_smile:

get a program for optimizing your jpgs. If they are pictures, you have them in the right format. I use fireworks MX, but there are other utilities in shareware and freeware that compress jpeg images to amazing sizes. Now, rebuild your movie using the smaller sizes.

If your music doesnt synch… you need to preload all the objects that will interact with each other before you play the music.

Im not sure what is going on with your movie size. Sorry.

i’ll try the fireworks thingy to reduce the size, but i’m afraid i’m too air headed to understand what you meant by “you need to preload all the objects that will interact with each other before you play the music” :(… i know it doesn’t help if i’m flash AND computer illiterate but can you or anyone translate that?

btw thank you very much montoya for the help, it was GREATLY appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

that just means that you need a preloader (look at the preloader tutorial). The idea is that all the components will be available on the viewers PC before the movie starts playing. Otherwise, they will probably see the 16k jpeg file, but the music wont start till several minutes later.

oooooooooh!!! i get it! thank you so much montoya, you’re a life saver!