Newbie over his haed needs help urgently from actionscript god please help No One?

I posted this as a reply in a few threads, where was that funny text about just this on the Macromedia site? Can’t that be in a pop-up which would be triggered every time the submit button is clicked and the subject parsing returns the word help , or newbie, or urgent…etc…?

"I never read post with titles like this one, some others do, some don’t, it’s just too long to look through all those “i need help”, “urgent help”, “i give up”, “newbie needs actionscript hero” , or whatever else is meant to grab attention, it just doesn’t, state what you want/ what the problem is in the title, so everybody knows if it’s interesting, if they might know the answer, if they’d like the answer too etc…

And now I’m going to post that in all the other one’s with similar titles…beerdrinkers and hellraisers…(ZZ Top)…"

What happened to the guide layers, got put into a layer folder and closed down? Guide them, Oh-Be One Kenobi, so they do post meaningfull titles. Please.

Yeah, I guess you could analyze the subect line, and redirect whenever that kind of strings come out… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s evil… :wink:

all in all, I will say that I just answer those questions last. You’ll never illiminate that sort of thing, so I just figure that I have to learn to deal with it.

It’s more irritating that it doesn’t tell you what the problem is, so you have to open up the thread, just to find out that you can’t help the guy…