Please read before posting

I know you’re probably not gonna read this but here I go anyway:

When you post a message in the Actionscript Forum, please specify somewhere whether it is Flash 8 Actionscript, Flash MX 2004 Actionscript, Flash MX Actionscript or Flash 5 Actionscript. It will make it easier for everybody.

One good solution is to write the title like that:
[Flash8]Help needed!
[FMX04]Need help on such and such
[FMX]Arg!! Desperate!! need help please!!
[F5]Arg!! For Actionscript Guru!! Beginner needs help!


pom :cowboy:

[COLOR=Red]This thread edited by Lunatic 12/05; ditto what eyezberg says below [/COLOR] :hr:

And IF you took the time to read this,
the above example titles were ironic,
in fact if you want a quick answer, at
least say in the title what it’s about,
not just “Help” “Desperate” “For AS guru”
or other meaningless stuff…!!

Instead, use something meaningful that
describes your problem such as
Need help getting movie clip to follow mouse