Newbie with "newbie" questions!

Hi everyone :dog:

I have a few questions about logo designing (which are probably “newbie” questions).

I’m interested in logo designing (for extra income) and have been researching/practicing with Photoshop (I’ve been a photoshop user for years).

However, I’ve seen debates on forums where some say its best to use Illustrator to design logos (due to scalability) while others say Photoshop is just fine.

Which one is preferred (by clients and designers alike)? And which one seems more professional?

Also, in viewing logos for inspiration, I’ve noticed alot of logos will use images as a part of their logo. My question is, do you normally draw EVERYTHING by scratch? Or do you use pre-made vector shapes (as long as it has a commericial use license)?

Ok last question: If using Illustrator to make logos, do you import the logo from Illustrator to Photoshop when making the “fancy” stuff (swirls, grid lines, etc.) ?

Ok, I’m done. I’ll go catch my breath now. lol

Thanks everyone in advance!