The Design Process. Photoshop or Illustrator?

Would it be wise to design my site layout in illustrator instead of photoshop? I have never used illustrator cs before, but am I correct in thinking that i could design my site in illustrator and then import it into flash and in flash be able manipulate each part of the design (buttons, header, text etc…)?

Or maybe i should just design it in Flash (but i find the pen tool pretty lacking, and was thinking that illustrator might be better).

And, although illustrator is a vector program, can i import bitmap images into it?

i use Photoshop to make a nd design the layout for the site as a whole… for the more detailed parts, i use CorelDraw for the shapes and other stuff and then copy the vector to photoshop… CorelDraw is pretty powerful when it comes to logos and complicated shapes… i mean the pen tools of flash doesn’t even come close to that of coreldraws (IMHO) :slight_smile:

i have never used Adobe’s Illustrator :-/ dunno why… just got comfortable with Photoshop and CorelDraw thru the years…