Newly launched.. suggestions?

:slight_smile: hi!!

would appreciate comments about the design and the content if you can give some… thanks so so much!!!

boogs site

[COLOR=blue]honest opinion peeps… thanks again! [/COLOR]

– Kate =)

Wow, did you draw all this in flash?

I did have one bug about the interface though… the drag and drop buttons are kind of confusing. Although I knew to drag them into the cd player, a lot of people might just think they are buttons and think it doesn’t work :-\

oh no wait… mouse drawn actually since those digital writing surfaces are too slippery… or so i heard…

so what do you suggest about the cd’s… do i put an instruction or something?? for people to know that they have to drag it to make it work??

thanks for the post lostinbeta.

– Kate :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard anything about tablets being too slippery.

I want a Wacom so bad :frowning:

Anywho, back to the site. It was harder for me to find the CD player thing because you can’t see it on an 800x600, it is cut off by the bottom of the screen.

But I am assuming this site targets high res users I am supposingm maybe you could put an “Insert CD” note on the cd player or something.

That or instructions in the beginning on how to use the nav.

yeah you’re right… that does happen when screen resolution is at 800 x 600… i tested it… :slight_smile:

would you know of a way for javascript or html to detect what the browser’s resolution is and adapt to it? or i mean follow it like the fscommand in Flash??

that’s not a trick question… haha :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again.

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I replied here already :sleep: :

Hey, I attached a .zip file with some scripts I wrote a little while ago on redirecting on screen size. There are 2 files in there, 1 for redirecting on link, and one for redirecting on page loading.

And I didn’t know about your other post… please don’t cross post the same thing in 2 sections.

perhaps you can animate the cd’s, so that they load upon click, rather than doing the drag and drop thing, even though i like that concept.

i noticed that the graphics are vector, and for my screen resolution, the swf appears kind of small. Maybe you could consider doing a full screen appearance, and it will show off more of the detail in your work.

just a suggestion, otherwise, it’s awesome work…

Very nice site, I like the button idea, very original.

But however I don’t think the text on the cd’s is very good. I can’t read it good, you know?

But anyway great site!! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

and thanks to everyone who’s posted their comments so far too… :slight_smile:

i may use the script lostinbeta gave to detect screen resolution or i can also follow Majeye’s suggestion to make it fullscreen… but il see first which one would work best…

what should i do with the Cd’s?? I like the concept and all but some are having a hard time figuring it out… hmmm… any more suggestions??

thanks for being such big help people…

:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

– Kate

Ok, here is something that I am working on right now…
See those bubbles? Yea, try something like that. If you like that I can post the AS.

P.S. I am very proud of myself, I scripted that bubble thing all by myself, no help. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cowboy: :slight_smile: :cowboy: :slight_smile: :goatee: =) =)

I just noticed that the attachment didn’t go through in my post… grrr. So here it is again…