nfsu2 best graphic settings?

hey everyone

i just got need for speed underground 2 for my pc just recently and the game looks great, ive seen it on ps2 but it looks amazing on the pc.

Now this is the issue, in the advanced graphical settings (or whatever its called in display advanced) there are a few things im not sure if i should turn off or leave on.

below is the list of things in the advanced dsplay area, for those who have played it or know what a good config is give me a clue.

ive got a p4 2.4 and geforce 5900, so its pretty good but its not a 6800 :drool: hehe

just would like to know what worked well for your computer detail and speed, and if you figured out what some of those over bright and contrast options are.

  • do you really need full screen AA? or full texturing filtering??

any help or ideas would be great, thanks.

[]car reflection update rate (slider)
]car reflection detail (low/high)
[]car shadow . neon (slider)
]car geometry detail (low/high) --[color=DarkOrange] well thats a no brainer[/color]
[]crowds (on/off)
]world detail (slider)
[]road reflection detail (slider)
]light trails (on/off)
[]light glow (on/off)
]particle system (on/off)
[]motion blur (on/off)
]fog (on/off)
[]depth of field (on/off)
]full screen AA (slider),[color=DarkOrange] i think this is 2AA, 4AA, 8AA[/color]
[]tinting (on/off)
]horizon fog (on/off)
[]**over bright (on/off) - [color=DarkOrange]what is this??[/color]
]enhanced contrast (on/off)
[]rain splatter (on/off)
]texture Filtering (slider)
[*]Vsync (on/off)