Ninja Gaiden: Hurricane Pack Vol. 1

The single greatest Download for the Xbox ever.

Team Ninja didn’t have to update Ninja Gaiden. Already one of the best action games of all time, the Japanese Xbox developer could have instead focused all its attention on Dead or Alive Ultimate and other future projects. Instead, Team Ninja Head Tomonobu Itagaki decided to reward fans by creating Ninja Gaiden: Hurricane Pack Volume 1 free downloadable content that adds a new camera system, tons of new enemies, a stellar new weapon, and two new costumes. The Hurricane Pack Vol. 1 won’t be available on Xbox Live until August 2

Link with a great amount of Info -

With info on New Weapons, New Boss’, A New Camera, New Items… it’s an awesome read for any Ninja Gaiden fans out there.

No Ninja Gaiden fans eh?


Ninja Gaiden, amazing game… but i’m still on the 6th chapter… so, i will have to hurry up :smiley:

I played it and its an awesome game. I just don’t have xbox live so I won’t be able to get the pack…

yea, same case as Jubba, amazing amazing game but not live :frowning: but to be honest I dont care about new costumes or new enemies, still the same game…

(I said that cause I´m jealous :P)

Jubba, there are rumours that there will be a re-release of Ninja Gaiden this Year sometime with all the new stuff. I am not sure but it’s the rumour that’s out there :slight_smile: