No Brainer Question :

I know this is a no brainer and I should know and thought I did, but here I am hung up with this; have a Movie, (Art1.swf) Pivotal, that has a series of other Movies on its main track, scene 1. On frame 17 of Art1.Swf or Pivotal as it shall be later called is a movie named Mail Movie, in it opens the ‘mailroom’ something I wish to link to in various other movies at other levels but I just can’t get the commands proper to do it it. Can someone help? Is it something to do with frame lables, levels, or what? It’s kind of frustrating. Does ayone know of a tutorial os this?

flashtrated again,

i want the e-mail in the View button to open the same movie as in the Contact button, white button second to the right in the browser.

Well, if you’re calling to that movie, it needs to exist. I’m not sure if that helps…but without seeing the source it’s a little difficult to tell what you mean.

I’d say test your movie. If you get to a place where you think that you should be able to access that movie clip, do a “debug/list Objects”, and make sure that that mail room movie clip is in existance. It may be, for some reason, that the timeline is not on that frame when you need it to be… if the movie clip doesn’t exist, you can’t have it play. :slight_smile: