No good deed goes unpunished

So recently my sleep schedule has been all friggin banged up for various reasons. I just returned to work this week after taking time off from the holidays. Yesterday I was so tired. It was my only night off all week from the gym so I had to do laundry and clean up my house and whatnot. Long story short I finally am able to get into bed at around 11:00. All I want to do is sleep. Sure as sh!t my phone rings at 11:15 and my buddy Kenny is in a jam for a party and needs beer. The liquor stores near where I live dont close until quarter of midnight. Where he is they close at either 10 or 11. So like a good kid I throw my clothes on and trudge over to the store and pick the kid up two 30 packs.

Now its almost midnight and I dont hear from kenny. I decide to go back to bed. at 12:15 my phone rings and Kenny tells me his car slid off the road and needs to get it out of a ditch. Okay, I said no one was hurt when you get the car out call me back. Still not sleeping the phone rings at 1:30. Kenny tells me he will be there in 20 mins and proceeds to explain the entire story to me again. (He had been drinking obviously)

I little after two my phone rings and its kenny telling my he is at the back door. I give him the beer, collect the loot and send him on his way.

Now I try to climb back into bed at like quarter past two and couldn’t sleep. The last time I remember looking at my clock was 3:45. My alarm soon went off at 5:30 so I could get to work early for a meeting.

So I am back at square one again today. Pissed off and only have two hours of sleep under my belt.