Noob Needs Help


     This is what I would like to do. I have a vertical line on my page and I want it to move say right and as it moves, it starts to expose a picture underneath. The amount of the picture that can be seen is determined by how far the line has gone over that picture. I have tried this and the only way I can do anything like it is to do a motion tween where the pic goes form squished to expanded to normal size. This is not the effect I want though. Just think of what I am trying to do as if a picture is coming out of your printer and the ink bar is the equivalent of my line if I didnt describe it good enough. Any help would be appreciated.


Well, using the printer theory…

One layer you would have a animated symbol (the printhead) moving back and forth. The next layer could be a mask layer, and the last layer would be the movie clip of your image, revealed through the mask.

That help?

I will try that but am still not clear. If anyone has an .fla where they could demonstrate how to do it that would help so much. Thanks for your help though Hero it’s appreciated.=)

I’ll make one right quick. Hang on.

Almost done. :beam:

gave up on adding sound, couldn’t find a good one quick enough. here you go.

Oopsie…didn’t notice this was a flash 5 forum…converting file, my friend!