Help with making some kind of special visual effect

ok ok, i am sorry the ‘subject’ is total crap…i can’t really describe what i need help with, in one short line, so here it is:

i want to make a visual effect, so that if a vertical line moves right to left of the movie screen, behind it, a paragraph of words will follow…

i am not sure how to describe this any better, but an example of what I “kind of” mean is at

and open their page, and watch the intro movie…(its pretty cool)

what i wanna learn is how to make like that
“{” sign
have words pop out to the right like that and then go back in.

sorry if the description sucks, its hard to describe something you don’t know how to do…


Well, it’s a motion tween. The text is hidden by a black graphic, tweed out and then back in. Or masked, but you get the same effect.

pom :smirk: