Not an normal preloaderquestion! <-_->

I’m full of questions today, so people who are bored today, they can help me?

HIHI! =)

I have a flashfile, it’s my main flashfile, but into my mainflashfile I load new flashfiles, so everything is not to big.
The new flashfiles are loaded into a movieclip, herefor I used a geturlaction.

Now when I saw my site, I noticed that only the preloader works from the mainfile, but the files who have to load in, into the mainfile won’t preload and they have preloaders.

I think it’s because I call them, they just fully load in, but it’s not nice to see, they also should have a preloader.

So then you know, how to make preloaders and they don’t work.


Again Greetings to everyone

aha… a question I know something about.

A) you should go to and look for his notes on “preloading” which he gave at a comfrence to Flashers.

He details a number of common problems which you should have worked out before attempting to trouble shoot any others.

What’ I’ve decided to do, being in the same possition as you, is incorporate my preloader into my main movie. That way it’s loaded, completely, before it even starts getting data from a movie clip source…

One thing begs to be asked though… you said that you’re using the getUrl(); method to load movies into movie clips. That can’t be done. The only way of loading an swf into a target movie clip is with the loadMovie(); method. Can you explain what you meant by that?

PS - I’m working on packaging my source for the preloader… It’s tough to package though… so you’ll have to bear with me. Also, so far anyway… I’m only able to preload a movie clip that resides on the main timeline. I’d like to be able to preload anything, including xml files that I’m loading… Ssssooooooo,… long story short… I’m still working on it.