Nothing is Impossible Studio looking for help

Hey guys. I am looking for people to help in the creation of a new game dev studio, as well as our first game. The ground work has already been laid, and we are already on our way to doing this, but more help is always good. Some details about us and what we are trying to do are below.

Project name:
Current project: Project Underground (working title)

The game is based around the conflict between the worlds major conglomerate companies, who have rights similar to city-states. Players will be able to take on many roles withing the companies, up to and including the company CEO. We are designing systems that break away from the normal staples of MMO gameplay, like click-and-wait fighting and level/class based progression.

Compensation to expect:
At this stage we are offering a percentage of sales and subscription profits. Percentage will be determined by the amount of work put into the project. This will be given to you in writing at the time you are officially signed onto the project. If your not interested in a percentage, we can negotiate on pay, but it may be a few months before we can take you on. We can only offer percentage during this stage in development.

Artists need to be able to work with tools that are able to convert into Ogre3D engine. I know Maya, 3DMax, and Blender are all compatible. You can check here for others.

Programmers need to be able to work with C++.

Talent needed:
Right now we primarily need:
Level Designers
3D Modelers

If your skills are not in the above, please feel free to contact me anyways. If we don’t need your talents now, chances are we will need them soon.

Most of the work will be really basic at this stage, but will become more complicated once we move past the prototype phase.

Programmers: Also feel free to contact me if your interested. Again, if we cant use you now, we can use you later.

Everyone be aware: This is a startup company. If you want to get in on the ground floor now is the time to do so. Prior experience in the game industry is not required as long as you can show the drive and talent to do the job. We want new minds.

Team structure:
John Hollar: Lead Design, Business, bits of programming.
Simon Röjder: Lead Artist, Concept Art
Tristan Daniel: Network Programmer
Mantas Bliūdžius: Gameplay Programmer
Michael Wainwright: Background and Storyling Writer
Elaine Hollar: Accounting, Legal

John Hollar
Email: [email protected]
Skype: john.hollar
AIM: r1s1ngphoenx
Phone: 571-234-2316

For more information, please contact me.