Nova Celestia

After a lot of struggling with my comp and with my computer dealer (hardware failure) it’s finally up, please lemme know whatcha think!

Hi guys!

i’ve made quite a few changes since my last post here, could you please give me some feedback? The site is particularly weak when it comes to animations, i’d be happy if you could help me out with those (masking doesnt work for me :’( )

only just found this thread but WOW !
how do u make those nebulas so realistic?
love the site just added to favorites

Hehe, thanks for adding it Beddoes! :slight_smile:

They are made in photoshop using various brushing techniques, sometimes i use manipulated clouds textures, sometimes i make everything from scratch. The random backgrounds are much more recent than the pieces in the gallery itself.


do you use flaming pear plug-ins ?

Hey :slight_smile:

Nope, i make whatever i need to make from scratch, it’s more fun that way, and you have more control of your work.

Is there someting special you are thinking about?

Lunar Cell & Glitterato

Yup, i’ve seen that plug in before, it can render some nice planets, but i think you’ll get even better result if you do it from scratch.

Is there any tutorial you wanna read? Maybe i can help you find some :wink:

sure thing, althoug personnally I use Flaming Pear’s imagery and then I apply other things to it… But I’d be glad to see some other tuts/work

Ok, just a mom, i’ll dig up some decent tutorials for you :wink:

Here are some tutorials:

i’d recommend reading UCD (Robert’s) Or Greg Martin’s tutorials (greg’s first). Dinyctis has a nice one too, but the planet will look like you have moss under water…

Maybe we could get back to topic now,

i need help with animations and such, are there enough animations, or should i add more, and if so, what kinda?

personally i think ur site is nice maybe a few more rollovers on the text or content to make it stand out and that ur on it
also on some backgrounds its hard to see the text maybe put it on a transparent white box?
but cant see anything other than that to be honest :hugegrin:

Thanks Beddoes, i’ll see what i can do :slight_smile:

Oh…sorry, i forgot, what about the animations? Could you suggest an improvement on some? Or some new ones that should be added without over killing the site?

Thanks Beddoes, i’ll see what i can do :slight_smile:

What about the animations? They suck a lil, could someone tell me which fit and which dont? Also, if you could suggest some animations that would be great!

I know how you feel nOoB, you’re looking for something a little bit more hard for suggestions. I think often people are scared or don’t want to seem overemposing to say things they think should be in your work.

I love your site, all the backgrounds and everything look wonderful. The design is even great, as suggested earlier you might want to try and add something in your header. I believe it would give your siet a little bit more body and feel a bit more like a site than an exellent animated picture. My biggest suggestion would be try some transitions in your pages. If you don’t know it already, learn and try masking animations to bring in/out your pages. You might want to add more of your works in the backgrounds too. You could do some gorgeous animations with some of the planets you have created. For example, you could have a planet with a shadow moving across it lighting it up like the sun was coming accross it. Another idea would be to add some stars twinkling slightly in the background or a shooting star. Maybe for the buttons, you could change them to a light, transparent white instead of black, it might make them appear better, or it might hurt how it looks, just an idea to try. Another think you could do would be to mask in the shapes on your buttons to white or whatever to give a smoother look to the rollovers. Thats all I could think of for now, I hope that helps to get your creative juices flowing. Good luck and keep up the amazing work!

p.s. Thanks for the planet tutorials, I’m definitely going to check them out!

Thanks a lot for your excellent feedback! :slight_smile: i’ll try to implement your suggestions over time, thank you very much indeed! :slight_smile:

The link to the tutorials i posted, is hosted on a forum that is solely dedicated to space art, i’d recommend checking out the galleries there are on that site. Also if you would want some feedback on your work, you could also register and get constructive critisism from people. In case you register just tell them that i invited you to this site, that way i could help you a lil extra :wink:

Take care, wanyo! :slight_smile: