Current domains I am selling are as follows;
Registered on: 06-Jun-2005
Renewal date: 06-Jun-2009
Registered on: 27-Jul-2007
Renewal date: 27-Jul-2009
Registered on: 03-Jun-2007
Renewal date: 03-Jun-2009
Registered on: 03-Jan-2007
Renewal date: 03-Jan-2009 (Possibly);
Registered on: 17-Jan-2006
Renewal date: 17-Jan-2008

As you can see most domains are until 2009 except for 1.

We sell domains pretty cheap also if your wanting a different one than above just ask and I can give you a price.

[COLOR=Red]All domains come with hosting![/COLOR]

Hosting is also available starting at £2.

Please either contact me via PM or reply here.