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I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on this…
I’m waiting for a company to sort me out with 3 new domain names. I understand they could make money from selling advertising space on their site, but what do they get from selling me a domain for £9.99 for 2 years?
Do they sort the domain name out themselves or do they just apply for it somewhere else. As you can see I don’t understand fully what the company I’m using gets out of the £9.99, surely not much? and who actually puts the whole thing together?
Does anyone know about this kind of thing!
I would appreciate any kind of advice :slight_smile:

I’m begining to get a bad feeling about this one :frowning:

sorry brother…when it comes to registering domains, i’m as clueless as you.

no fear, I’ll keep searching… I just thought Upu, or Eyez, or Thor, or Pom, or someone might have an idea. Not to worry :slight_smile:

I know a few of them do…they are probly just ignoring. i don’t think they like you :wink:

They are acting as a broker for your domain names. ICANN( are the people that control domain names. Now it depends what you are getting for your money. Are you getting a hosting service? Or, just IP forwarding? If you are getting hosting services they register your domain with icann, and forward it to one of thier servers where your files are hosted, thats what you are paying for. If you are just getting IP forwarding, then they are just selling you a service as a registrar. Either way they make money for a database entry that takes about 30 seconds to complete. =)

More info!

Hope that helps!

Thankyou Niann. That has helped me, I never realised that’s how it worked… I appreciate your thoughts, thanks again!

No one likes me Jubba??? I am stumped, wondering what I ever did for that to happen?

Simon, Mr always friendly and well @#%$ appreciative and grateful… “that’s a fact”

Simon I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I sent you an e-mail. It was just a joke. I have a strange sense of humor. I apologize.

fair enough! it was a bit cruel though jub. also my wife says tell him to shove his tut’s up his, well you know the rest… phil please send jubba an insult of some kind.
Don’t worry jeff! and thanks again niann!

I put a little :wink: at the end of that. I thought you would understand. :slight_smile: I’m sorry. And don’t give Phil any reason to give me insults, he gives me enough of them!

don’t worry jubba… also remember to send me the addy, if ok :wink:


jubba can you help out verbal violence… I can’t work out what he/she actually wants…

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