Novice just learning the ropes problem with loader

Hi, I am new to Flash entirely and just started creating a site for practice. I have created a preloader bar, attached, as well as an intro movie that I would like to include. Its very basic and not that attractive. I am not sure how to connect the preloader to my main swf and then where to go from there. On my main movie i want a news box with the ability to scroll and want to add more links than the four on the side. I am wading through Kirpa’s complete Flash site while trying to learn with my own. Any suggestions, helpful hints, just plain advice for a n00b would be great. I am able to create the animations, its stringing it together where i have the problem . Thanks in advance.

Template I used and am striving for:
Preload bar: Attached
Main site .fla :
Main site .swf: