Office Fancy Dress Day

Was last Friday. :slight_smile: Every department chooses a theme, and we all have to dress up for the day. It’s a fiercely contested event, with prizes, parades and stints on a stage.

We in E-Commerce debated furiously, and eventually decided on a theme of… [SIZE=1]wait for it[/SIZE]… The Office.

All the English people here will know what The Office is, but I guess the Americans won’t… It’s basically a comedy program we have over here, about an office and the weird people in it. It’s kind of in semi documentary, fly on the wall style, and it’s hilarious.

Anyway, here’s the pic of us all dressed as office manager David Brent.

Prize goes to us for the least effort put into making a costume. We all just turned up as we usually do. :slight_smile:

I wish my work place was that festive, I work with a bunch of grinches who only cares about money. :-\

Churchill go absolutely nuts. Although I’ve noticed that the people who go nuttiest are the ones in Sales and Claims - ie: those that are on the phone all day.

Must be some kind of morale thing.

Crazy guys…


I’m still a student. In boaring school… No fun, no entertainment…

But still I’ve got my friends there…

We go a little nuts in my office with these sorts of things too.

I manage incentives for a division of about 2,500 employees. Usually, around 2,499 of them think they deserve more money. So, morale in my group can always use a boost!

This year, for dress-up day during employee appreciation week, we came to work done up like Disney characters. I’ll dig up a photo sometime - it’s a hoot and a half.

Your party looked like fun.


Karen, where have you been, we missed ya!

I am the one in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. Grey/black tie and dark hair. You can’t see my face obviously thanks to the hastily knocked up masks…

Hi Dan!

I had a big project start in August (Access + Access VBA) that consumed almost all of my time (literally!) Even my dog gave me up for lost.

It feels greeeat to be back to the fun stuff again. But it’s amazing how much you forget when you don’t use it - the syntax errors I’m making lately are unreal! I keep doing the classic “=” instead of “==”… the results aren’t pretty.

Your alpha fade tutorial is a work of art, Dan. I learned a lot from you. Thanks!


as suspected, Kitiara is HOT!!!


lol looks like shes really into too:crazy: