Team Building

Okay, so I went on one of these team building things yesterday, in preparation for my new job.

This took the form of a treasure hunt round London - getting photographs of your team (complete with a nodding dog) next to various landmarks across the beloved capital.

This was actually quite fun, although with a great sense of timing, we did this on the hottest day of the year, just after all the schools had packed up for summer and the Tube was jammed.

I also got to witness the rather bizarre spectacle of my new manager somehow fitting their entire head inside a condom and then inflating it. The condom, not their head, I hasten to add…

Then in the pub (where else?) afterwards, I got chatting to some of the people, who only went on the same Macromedia seminars on Flash and ColdFusion that I did a few months ago, and we debated the pros and cons of Flash and Dreamweaver ad nauseum.

Judging by the blisters on my feet though, I think next time I want to get anywhere in London I’ll just take a cab.


That’s funny! Good luck with your new job. You sure do have strange ways over there of joining a new job haha.

Kirupa :asian:

I think it’s the famous British sense of humour.

Has anyone else ever been on these type of days with work???

Yes, they are always fun. Our training department calls them “Days of Continuous Learning”…

Jokingly, we have an alternate name: “Days of Continuous Wasted Time”.

But, as I said, they are fun, and do have their uses. Example: photos of your boss with an inflated condom on his head. PRICELESS!!