On Release - play timeline back, then load a swf?

Yeah i know i know…sorry about this.

On release play timeline back to frame 1, then load a swf.

How would this be done logically?

I know the bits of code and everything, i just want a neat explanation of the logic behind it / best way to do it

You talking about a transition?

You could use prevFrame() to make the movie play in reverse.

You could also code a _global function and have it read which button was pressed, if you want more buttons like a nav bar, to load different swfs but still play the transition reverse frames.

You would pass the _global a command to load the new swfs into empty placeholder movie clips by following this kind of logic…

yourButton.onRelease = function() {
// play prevFrame for transition.
// if currentFrame = 1 then do _global function and load swf.

In the _global function you would first want a way to read an argument that was passed to tell the function which button was pressed. Then, once this argument was passed to the function, you would use if() loops to do the loadMovieNum statements.

If (portfolio section button was pressed && _root.currentFrame = 1) { portfolioClip.loadMovieNum(“yourSwf.swf”, 1);

That’s the logic behind it anyways. Which is what you asked for.