Onion peel -peeling or whatever

I’ve seen on several sites that effect : the objects, when they move, leave some kind of a trace, a little bit like the “onion peel” mode in Flash. Anybody knows how it is done ???


Bon, Eyezberg, je ne te permets pas de parler de moi comme ça !!!

Pelure de Pom 2 ter :slight_smile:
using duplicate movie clip i think…+alpha fade…??

I think the following tutorial may be helpful:

Your both speaking in French! Quite a little personal forum you two have here, anymore of that and we will petition Kirupa to enable language translators so you can’t hide behind French any longer…


Not hiding, man, just havin’ phun!
Use Babylon translator if you don’t believe me :slight_smile:

Nice animation, Eyez. And thanks for the tute, that’s what I was looking for. And Phil, I seriously doubt that any translator would actually understand a private joke when it sees one. Pelure de pom 2 ter, non mais… 0]

Bien oui, c’est vrai.

What eyezberg said is as much french as “d00d, ph33r //\y l33t 5killz” is english. It’s a sorta slang thingy.

Ce n’est pas vraiment un phrase qu’on peut comprendre avec “Babel Fish”.

Agreed! :slight_smile:

meant s’thing like “potatoe skinning”…not translatable at all i believe! Pom(me)=Apple, Pom(me) de terre = potatoe…

Never mind…


Ilyaslamasse: I won’t let you talk to me like that, Eyezberg!

Eyezberg: Potato peel.

Liveacoustic: That’s true.

Liveacoustic: It’s not really a sentence you can understand with “Babel Fish”.

Everybody speaks French here !
By the way, anyone remembers what was the first subject of that post ?

and pelure isn’t peeler but what comes out when you use a potatoe peeler on a potatoe.

And are you sure about that “maudit” thing ??? Sounds strange. I would rather translate dammit to “putain fais chier !” But that’ s a personal translation. o] I like that alien face…

…it’s only the three of us that speak french. And even if I have been learning it since I was five, it’s still only a second language to me and I am crappier at it than anyone I know.

As for the peeler thing… Right.


I think there is a little discrepancy with liveacoustics translation; I cant put my finger on it but, well, er, somethings wrong with it… :wink: