^O_O^ show your girlfriend this! she will love it!

fun flash modules
two aliens in love.
> www.extremezone.com/~pzer…/us_2.html

alien that kisses the screen. hard!
> www.extremezone.com/~pzer…/us_4.html

give some feed back if you like. but we hope u enjoy.


Hey primezero,
I loved the animations!!! The browser shake effect was quite nice. If anyone is wondering how to create the browser shake, visit Mark Fennel (Flashkit)'s tutorial: www.flashkit.com/tutorial…ndex.shtml

Hated it.



im confuseder than you are

Rent-a-Cop was banned, he brought up an old thread because he is a moron, enough said. . . .


that clears it up.

but why did he bring back something that was soooo old?

Why you ask, because he is stupid and stupid people do stupid things :wink:

how did he bring it up if he is banned?