OOP - problem wíth getter method

Hi guys

I’m experimenting a little with Flashr 0.5, but got stuck cause of my newbie knowledge of OOP :confused:

My problem is, that my array - _arrReturn traces fine in my private method, but in my getter method it returns undefined!?!

import com.kelvinluck.flashr.core.Flashr;
import com.kelvinluck.flashr.core.FlashrResponse;
import com.kelvinluck.flashr.core.Person;
import com.kelvinluck.flashr.core.Photo;
import com.dynamicflash.utils.Delegate;
class com.jboy.slider.FlickrLoader
private var _apiKey:String = “xxx”;
private var _userNsid:String = “[email protected]”;
private var _arr:Array;
private var _arrReturn:Array;

// Allow me to get the array of info
public function get getCollection():Array
return _arrReturn; // returns undefined!??

public function FlickrLoader()
var _flickr:Flashr = Flashr.getFlashr();
_flickr.apiKey = _apiKey;

var _responseListener:FlashrResponse = new FlashrResponse();
_responseListener.onPeopleGetPublicPhotos = Delegate.create(this, onPeopleGetPublicPhotos);
_flickr.peopleGetPublicPhotos(_userNsid, null, 12,1);

// Add info to Array
private function onPeopleGetPublicPhotos(p:Person):Void
var _arrReturn:Array = new Array();
var _arr:Array = new Array();
_arr = p.getPhotos();

for (var i:Number=0; i<_arr.length; i++)
var pic:Photo = Photo(_arr*);
trace(_arrReturn); // Works fine here!!

Hope somebody can help me out here…