Open Challege with Dan!

Who wants to accept my challenge for a flash battle!

Theme: Flash Radio Interface
Programs: Any, but the main project must be flash!
Size: Any, be creative
Due Date: Week from challenge acceptance!

I don’t want to battle, just to know what you mean by Flash Radio Interface.

pom :o

You know how you see flash radio’s on some sites. The main point of this is too make a flash interface, kind of like a rio mp3 player. It doesn’t have to be flashy, it all depends on how good you are at scripting the buttons and the whole way that the radio works, you get what I am getting at…

hmmm, it would seem you got this this idea from my “sound controller” thread…

if not whatever, i don’t care. but i would like to see the results of someone’s battle with this idea.

i would do this if i were more advanced with flash. sounds cool dan. good luck (i think people are intemidated, i mean look at your footer! thats incredible.)

Sound controller thread, huh…

it’s just that you put this thread up minutes after i put mine and they’re both kinda about sound in flash. i dunno. if you wanna read my thread:

good luck and all with your battle

btw: if you wanna give me some help with it, that would be awesome. if not it’s cool.

I am always happy to help people out!

nah that’s alright i finally figured it out. i’m not sure what i was doin wrong but i started over and fixed it and deleted my thread. thx anyway!

hmm…noone seems to be accepting challange, i guess this is new for everyone. I am eager to see someone accept.

I would accept, but there are 2 reasons I am not.

  1. mdipi already challenged me to a grunge battle

  2. I don’t know how to make a radio in Flash.

Altough I could learn very quickly, I am not sure I will have enough time to learn how to do a radio in Flash AND work on the image for the other battle I am in.

lost. i am willing to wait if you want to do this one. be sides i could polish my skill while i am waiting. and i need to do my site still. so if you want to i got all the time in the world(figuritvly speaking)

Hrmmm, let me see how far I can get on learning about sounds in Flash tonight, I will let you know about our battle tomorrow night mdipi.

BTW Dan… what made you choose Flash Radio?

You can change the theme, I just picked one, isn’t a very creative day for me :frowning:

Nono, I don’t want to change, I was just curious as to what made you pick Flash Radio… doesn’t seem like an obvious choice.

Also, how is this radio supposed to play songs? Loops or full songs?

Imported .mp3’s from the a remote location. Can be full songs or can be loops! =)

Ok, any file size limit?

Or dimension size limit?

Nope…but this project seems long and time taking for a battle that we wont be getting paid for, so if you want to change the theme, I’m down :stuck_out_tongue:

That is all up to you dude. I am all for it no matter what… this will prove to be fun, and since I have never done it, educational as well :beam:

But if you wish to change it… that will be just as fun and education too :slight_smile: