Open Challege with Dan!

Nah, lets just see how it goes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, please don’t start this tonight, it is 3am here…lol.

How about something a bit simpler for a start? A menu, for instance? Or a mouse trailer, a preloader, I don’t know, something that would be a little bit easier to accomplish (and to reuse afterwards)… Just an idea.

pom :slight_smile:

LOL… a preloader… especially with how many people ask preloader questions on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, maybe not a preloader :stuck_out_tongue: How about a photo gallery?

I was going to accept but I remembered that I have 3 tests this week. Won’t really have any time to touch my computer…

hey whens the due date? i will set up the poll right now…

That is not your job…

well the poll has been up for a while!

And now its gone…

Leave it for me and the other moderators to worry about.

sorry about that dan, didnt know!

No problem, just for reference, ya know…for the future! :stuck_out_tongue:

So when does this start Dan?

Whenever you want…we have like 2 weeks to finish it. This is kind of a long battle because of school, work, and having a life so it all depends on how wisely we use our time. If you are like me you go on the computer and procrastinate with flash open but all I am doing is chatting on AIM. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 weeks is good, I am really sick right now, so I will need some extra time. You created this battle, you choose when it starts :stuck_out_tongue:

It starts Tuesday…I don’t use my computer on school holidays. What am I saying, I don’t even use my brain on school holidays! :cyclops:

LOL, OK, sounds good to me :slight_smile:

first of all, to whoever recommended a photo gallery:
a ‘radio’ and a ‘photo gallery’ would be the same thing, just two different file types.

i would like to participate in this battle. do we submit only one entry, how does that work? can i just submit one, but update it until the deadline?


You work on it and submit it once at the very end.

You wouldn’t want to give us ideas before the battle was over :cowboy:

This will be a good one, we got the pro-actionscripter up in here.

I am gonna have to use my 3D work and photoshop skills to make up for his scripting skills, both of you that is!