Can someone show me how to make a borderless window in Mx

I am making a flash site, and it just doesnt look right to have it in that big window with all that extra space…if someone knows where a tutorial on this is please send me the link, or if someone can show me how…that would be much appreciated…
thank you

Kazuma :slight_smile:

Right here on this site there is a tutorial for that:…erless.asp

for some reason i keep getting errors when i try to publish it from the script in flash mx…any ideas?

i get this error for some reason

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Layer 1, Frame=1: Line 1: ‘)’ or ‘,’ expected
getURL(javascript<img src= ALT=":o"> penIT('…ame01’):wink: ;:wink: :wink:

put another ) at the end of that code.

hrmm can u elaborate on that a little more please, i still get errors and i cant publish it

this is what i have for the script in mx


if there is something wrong with it, can u correct it for me…thank u so much

I kept getting errors when I tried it too, but it wasnt vital so I gave up.

getURL(javascript<img src= ALT=":o"> penIT’…ame01’));

you had a ; in there where it didn’t belong. I dont know because I couldn’t get it working. I was just pointing you to the tutorial.

this is vital for me, need it to work for the life of me…lol if kirupa is reading this, please help!

Did you make sure that you downloaded and uploaded the CHROMELESS.JS to your site? That was what I forgot…

hrmmm…but i cant even publish it without the errors…should i just upload the chromeless js and it will fix the errors once i put it on the web?


on (release){
getURL (javascript<img src= ALT=":o"> penIT(‘page.html’,450,250,null,null,‘mywinname01’))

that is the code on the button. The rest of the stuff goes into the actual HTML document. I got the button to work, but I never uploaded the chromeless.js so it would only link to the site and not open up the chromeless window.

sorry to ask so many questions J, but it almost works, i got the script right, got the button ready…got the chromeless.js, and i think i got the html part right, but my button does not do anything…i think i did not do the html part right…

so i publish the flash file, then go open the html file that flash creates, with like notepad or something…paste the html code in there and save it right?..maybe there is a specific spot to paste it…can u help with this new problem?


Yes, please answer Kazuma1979. I am having the same problem. The button alone works fine in the browser, but when I post it the website, the button doesn’t do anything. I have button in website (fla) and select, add action, go to dreamweaver, open button and add html code, runs fine, go back to website and publish, button doesn’t do a thing.

Thank you

ok I got it to work. Try this::

-make sure you have the chromless.js file uploaded and in the same folder.

-Make sure your JAVASCRIPT code is on the same page as the SWF button.

your HTML should look something like this… just replace all the [ and ] with < and >

[script src="chromeless.js"][/script]
[script language="javascript"]
function openIT(u,W,H,X,Y,n) {
        var cD ='images/close.gif'
        var cU ='images/close.gif'
        var cO ='images/close.gif'
        var cL
        var tH ='[font face=verdana size=1]  Borderless Example[/font]' 
        var tW ='Borderless Example' 
        var wB ='#003366' 
        var wBs ='#003366' 
        var wBG ='#8BB1D8' 
        var wBGs='#B1CBE4' 
        var wNS = 'toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0' 
        var fSO ='scrolling=no noresize' 
        chromeless(u,n,W,H,X,Y,cD,cU,cO,cL,tH,tW,wB,wBs,wBG,wBGs,wNS,fSO) } 



and then embed your SWF somewhere in here 


the variables in this code are similar if not the same as kirupas code. This worked for me.

Also try it with a text button first instead of a Flash button…

[a href="#" onclick=“mywindow=openIT(‘home.html’,750,400,null,null,‘mywindowname’)”] OPEN CHROMELESS[/a]

change the [ and ] to < and >

Thanks, I also got it to work (finally).

Important note: by publishing the fla file, it wipes out the html additions. Very important as there is no backtracking. Found this out be having DW and Flash open as same time. If you make a change in Flash and then publish, then open html file in DW it says “Do you wish to update changes made outside of DW environment?”, click yes and the html changes made before disappear, add them back and it works.

Thanks for your assistance.

OmG!!! thank u jubby, u are awesome…even though the button didnt work, the text worked and now my site is up …

if you wanna see what i have been working on…check this out…
you help me create this borderless window!…xfront.htm

thanks again for all ur help,


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