Opinions Please

This sites Portfolio section is complete. please excuse the Intro, it’s only temp. But I would I appreciete some opinions, because I’m concidering starting again because I’m sick of looking at this site…


Enter and Wait
Dsl or Higer Recommended

Ok the only big problem i thought in the beginning was the huge size, but I was patient and waited.

Allready afraid from being a bad newbiewebsite full with animations…
But it wasn’t, I like your site, nice 3d-things build in, like if you take the scrollbar and going to the complete right, you see the helmet turning and the buttons 1 -2 , I find them cool.
At the right side, it are also beautifull things.
Only one thing I cannot understand, how you made it.
The women in white and black who dances.
I see such things often, but just can’t understand how to make it in flash…

I believe you, that you are tired of looking every time to the same website and update him, every time, I have the same problem and after a while I even dislike him more and more… I think it’s the same with you.

Conlclusion: nice website men, just nice, but change Untitled document in something else, lol

Greetzzzzz =)

wen i looked at ur intro, my eyes started hurting… how many frames per second are u using?

Isn’t that an Aphex Twin song? I don’t feel like going through my CD’s to find it, but I am pretty sure it is.

If it is, I think you should give him some credit on your page. For these reasons…

  1. It is his song, he owns it, so he deserves credit where due.
  2. He is GREAT and deserves all the recognition he can get. I dunno where you are from, but where I am from, I think I am the only person that has even heard of Aphex Twin (Richard D. James).

Oh yeah, your 3D work is incredible! I love that white robot thing (the one with where the mouse rolls over it and it fades to the images of the 3D balls).

amazing site!..i woul have made the intro smaller and a little faster…but it’s great!
is that girl in the background 3d or a picture???


hrmmm the robots cool :)…im on dial up so i’ll have to wait a while…

um for ur 3d things…maybe u could render them to swf using like swift 3d…it would make for a samller file size… :slight_smile: