Optimizing (even the word is scary)

Hi All,

I am trying to optimize a flash movie. In scene 1 I have my preloader which is working quite well (thanks to Voets). And in scene 2 is my website.

I am trying to cut down on the bytes that need to be loaded in Scene 1 Frame 1. Currently there are 64 kb. What I have noticed is that since there are 64 kb in Frame 1 and my entire swf is 110kb, my preloader doesn’t display until the movie is approximately half loaded.

Is there a way to cut down the 64 kbs in Frame 1? My preloader is hardly any graphics.

check your library to make sure you don’t have any unused symbols taking up space. you can click the button right under the close button and select “select unused” and then delete the heck out of them.
other than that…i cant think of anything

Yes I have done that. Although I didn’t think Flash took unused symbols in account for the finished swf file size.

Is the preloader the problem? Just go to Actionscript.org and look for SMOOTH PRELOADER. That one is pretty good. Works perfectly.

Have you imported/attached sound? Or something else with a linkage exported on first frame? Components?