Optimizing file size / removing unused items

I read the article on reducing file size, but it doesn’t really answer my question.

I have a large swf that is embedded in Director as a sprite. I now want to put it onto a web page, so file size is critical. Is there a way to remove unused library items when publishing so that file size is reduced? Is there another way to compress the swf so it is much smaller? The current size is about 25 Mb. What about streaming the swf? I’m not talking about streaming video or audio, just any Flash content. Any tricks for speeding the process up so that the user doesn’t have a long wait before the swf starts?

In Director, there is a way to right-click on a cast member and choose “find in score”. If something isn’t found it means that it either is not used in the movie or is implemented through code. Is there a similar way in Flash of detecting unused items or automatically eliminating them when publishing?