I’m a virtual newbie to flash MX and I’ve created a movie.
Instead of having two buttons------1. replay & 2. enter site,
can I use 2 radio buttons that the user selects the option s/he wants that hits submit and the appropriate action is done?

Yep. You should not have any problems with that. Give it a shot. If you have problems, let me know.

but I do have 1 small problem
I really don’t know what to do…:frowning:

No sweat! tutorial on the way.

pom :asian:

Oh yeah! Pom has an awesome tutorial on the way.

On your request… here’s a quickie…

create your radio buttons
in properties, under change handler put “onChange”
change label (what people will see)
change data (the address of the webpage you want them to go to).

on Frame 1 of your main timeline:

function onChange(Fradiobutton){

make sure all your radio buttons are part of the same group (under properties)…

Finally, don’t forget to check out Pom’s tutorial. It shows advanced functionality, and it should be a MUST around here.

How come there isn’t a blushing smiley here?

pom :blushing: